How DS Stålkonstruktion helps construction projects succeed

When clients choose DS Stålkonstruktion as their supplier, they also get a partner who can help them through the entire project – from concept to finished installation.

1. Inquiry and tender

DS Stålkonstruktion is ready to help

  • When you need a partner able to exchange and sound out creative or technical construction ideas during the preliminary phases of a project

  • When you want a tender on a construction project that is already defined

With more than 50 years of experience, DS Stålkonstruktion has been involved in concept development, drawings and steel for thousands of buildings across the whole of the Nordic Region and in Germany. Involving DS Stålkonstruktion in the earliest phases of a construction project will always be beneficial. DS Stålkonstruktion specialists can help with ideas, experience and best practice, which can make the crucial difference to your project – architecturally, structurally and financially.

2. Statics and detailed calculations

DS Stålkonstruktion engineers are among the best in the industry. DS Stålkonstruktion provides you with maximum certainty when it carries out both statics calculations and detailed technical calculations for your construction project.

3. Production drawings

DS Stålkonstruktion works with the latest and most professional tools during the planning and design of your building, and when creating the necessary production drawings. Tools include 3D-CAD, TEKLA and 4D-BIM. Your guarantee of:

  • A fully integrated design with high quality

  • Compliance with schedules

  • Less waste

  • Fewer costs

4. Production

Every product is made in one of Northern Europe’s most flexible and efficient production facilities for the manufacture and surface treatment of steel elements. At the same time, DS Stålkonstruktion uses only certified steel, which means that with every parameter, you can be certain that you get steel of the very highest quality.

DS Stålkonstruktion’s ultra-modern high-tech facility in Hobro is automated, using among other things, the newest technologies for plasma cutting, fully automated drilling and cutting systems, automated welders and robotic systems.

The entire process is quality assured in accordance with DS/EN ISO 9001. To see DS Stålkonstruktion’s other quality certificates, click here

5. Delivery

DS Stålkonstruktion deliveries are well known for three things:

  • Time

  • Safety

  • Quality

All deliveries are executed in accordance with the agreed schedule. This has particular significance with projects where the elements must be delivered to the construction site in stages, and where delays can interrupt the entire building project.

6. Installation

DS Stålkonstruktion can manage all of the installation, regardless of project complexity or geography. DS Stålkonstruktion fitters are talented and experienced, so you can be sure that the work is executed safely, efficiently and with focus on quality in every detail.