Acquire complete flexibility and
creative freedom for your building design

Steel is incredibly strong in more ways than one. It is also light and easy to process. This means that steel as a load-bearing structure provides almost endless freedom to create new and exciting building designs and interior designs.

Architecturally, steel structures allow designers and builders to make round buildings, high buildings, flat roofs and large spans.

DS Stålkonstruktion has both the experience and the engineering know-how to turn a concept into reality. Efficiently, flexibly and at a competitive price. DS Stålkonstruktion dimensions, draws and manufactures – all to the best possible quality. And for extra reliability, DS Stålkonstruktion also uses its own vehicles and cranes, and its talented and experienced fitters are ready to manage the entire installation process.

Consulting and project management
Benefit from contacting DS Stålkonstruktion early on in the process – regardless of the size or complexity of the construction project. DS Stålkonstruktion is always ready to provide technical construction advice and willingly helps, making statics calculations and preparing the necessary documentation.

In addition, you can hire DS Stålkonstruktion as a consultant and thus acquire its specialist construction competencies.


Regardless of which product is ordered from DS Stålkonstruktion, it is made from certified steel and supplied in accordance with all of the relevant EU standards. DS Stålkonstruktion has both the technical and regulatory authority approval to operate in every market in the Europe.

Certificates can be supplied on request.

Steel rafters

DS Stålkonstruktion supplies frame structures, such as welded steel rafters.

Welded rafters are typically used for industrial and agricultural buildings with spans of over 20 m.

Lattice structure

Lattice structures are ideal choices, for example for:

  • Large spans combined with large column-free areas (e.g. production centres)

  • Uniform ceiling height

  • Possibility of feeding in installations etc., in the structure

  • High rigidity

  • Modern and spacious design

The structure is typically used as a load-bearing roof element, which is supported by either steel columns, concrete columns or concrete elements.

Column/beam structures

This type of structure is ideal for buildings with more than one storey and for other high buildings. The building achieves the necessary stability through the interaction between the floor and steel structure supplemented with a vertical girders.

Because the column/beam structure is often installed by storey, it is crucial to the project that the material can be supplied in accordance with the Just-in-Time principle. At DS Stålkonstruktion, Just-in-Time is a discipline that has been mastered to perfection.

Special structures

Over the years, DS Stålkonstruktion has used its creativity, know-how and modern production to make a large number of special structures. DS Stålkonstruktion therefore recommends that it is involved in your project as early as possible, as this will ensure that you obtain the perfect result – both architecturally and in terms of design.

DS Stålkonstruktion has supplied special structures for

  • Roofs for stadiums and arenas

  • Petrol station roofs

  • Elevator shafts

  • Footbridges and pipe bridges